Company Update!

We started this business in 2020! Yes, right in the middle of the “pandemonium”. Right when the world ran out of toilet paper, what people didn't realize was it wasn't just toilet paper, but also menstrual products. Pads and Tampons were flying off the shelf and, in some areas, there were none at all!

 We were already developing the idea for marketing period underwear from November 2019 and planned to launch in September 2020. However, as we know, the world shut down in March.

 A follower on Instagram reached out to us explaining that she wanted to purchase from us and that in her hometown there were no menstrual products in stores! (By the way, we were nowhere near ready.) We had two styles of period underwear, no prices, no concept. Just an idea;) But how could I say no? To this day We call her our angel! If it weren't for her, we would have never launched that early!

 Our advice is to start before you're ready. You just might surprise yourself.



Blissful by Bamblish® cramp oil

Essential oils, when used with a carrier oil can do wonders for period pain. Some essential oil contain anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antispasmodic properties that can effectively ease menstrual cramps and reduce muscle spasms. Some oils even contain antioxidants to help combat symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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What's NEXT? 

We have been Diligently working to transform Bamblish® into our dream! A Period Self-care Brand! Please continue to send your kind words and encouragement. You are definitely our favorite part of this whole project! Make sure to Follow us on all socials for new products and updates.

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