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Bamblish Menstrual Cup the L-cup is made of soft, high quality medical-grade silicone, and is FDA approved. It's safe, reusable, and long lasting, and can last up to 10 years! Our favorite part about menstrual cups are that you can go swimming with out any worries, and you don't feel that "flowing out sensation" -Cup If you know what we mean. 

-Cup -stem is a straight line with slight ridges 

-Cup -Non-toxic, harmless, durable and flexible

-Cup -Depending on your flow, can give up to 12-hour protection

-Comes with the Drawstring bag

-Comes in two sizes small and large (large recommended for women over 30)

-Small size- 70mm top to bottom, and 45mm in width
-large size- 75mm top to bottom, and 47mm in width



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